Let’s Rodeo San Antonio

My usual MO is to strip out of my work clothes and get into comfy around the house clothes the second I walk through the door. That’s right! I don’t even wait. Some days the bra comes off in the car. Picture it. No never mind, don’t picture it. Lol.

B: What are you wearing?

Me: Support the troops red since it’s Friday!

B: You look like a server from Little Red Barn

Me: Lol. That’s what I’m going for silly.  But I missed the mark since I am wearing my Converse not boots and I don’t have a cowboy hat 🤠

You be the judge.  Server or supporter?  Both!!

As always more to come.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Rodeo San Antonio

  1. They don’t have the Little Red Barn here so I’ll say SUPPORTER!

    And p.s. I’m so with you on the comfy clothes thing. I am still hopeful someone will make work clothes that are as comfortable as comfy clothes.

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