It’s the Little Things

You may say I’m a dreamer  worrier
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us me for a cure for anxiety
Because this sH!t! really sucks

All credit to John Winston Lennon.  Today I learned his middle name.  Too bad that took me so long or we could have named Pony-Boy Winston or I could have made his pseudonym Winston.  Then he’d be a WW alliteration.

Anyway, this feeble play on classical lyrics is my way of saying I found something new.  It helped me and maybe it might help you. And my tip is a little thing, miniscule really.

I changed my settings for all the sounds on my cell phone 

As if there is any other kind of phone ya know because it is 2018 after all. 🙂

Nothing out of the box even.  I picked from what’s available through Apple.  Before I did this, I would figuratively jump out of my skin every time I got an email, call, or text. I always did an angry growl hiss when this happened. Rrrrrrrrrr! And my heart would beat just a little bit faster!

Especially when I got a text from Lulu. Cuz you know she only reaches out to me in crisis.  Or so I tell myself. When that is not even true … all the time anyway.

Now I do what B does.  I told her I am old and cannot text well and with my left arm incapacitated (for infinity because you know I will milk it ’til then) she needs to CALL me. Not like I refuse her texts because that’s better than nuthing.  But I get more calls and fewer texts this semester.

In fact, she called me FIRST yesterday instead of the other way around. It was about 8 a.m, but I did not answer.  A taste of her own medicine? NO, I had my ringer off and simply didn’t hear it (cough, cough, excuse). Tis true.  I am a notorious non-answer(er).  I’m old I tell ya.  I frequently lose my phone.  She waited patiently for about three hours before following her call with this text “little worried you aren’t answering your phone”

Wow Helen’s Phone Calls/Calling prompt is my theme of the day on this lovely Sunday!

Anyhoo, change your sounds to something soothing.  You’ll be glad you did.  5 cents for this advice as I channel my inner Lucy.

As always, more to come.

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