Ha! This Phone Calling Thing is New Again

I called my sonshine! Outta the blue. Just because.

Not really just because.

I called to ask him how he was feelling.

He was sent home sick from work on Thursday.

What they thought may be round two of the flu (despite the shot) was not.

Flu test negative, strep test negative.

He is loving CVS minute clinic.  No appointments, no fuss, no muss.

Though my real motive for calling was to ask him why his insurance went up.

Cuz I am nosy like that way ya know.

Turns out he used his dividend to pay down the January payment.

Awwww.  He was being responsible.

He could’ve pocketed the dinero.

At first I thought, naw … not my Pony.

Sure enough payments in Nov. Dec. and Feb. are identical and the Jan. dip was the credit.

Have I told ya he is turning 30 this year?  I’d hope by now he’d be a grown up. Why am I so surprised that he is?

Man I feel ancient.

As always, more to come.



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