Fly Eagles 🦅 Fly

Woo hoo!

Was that Bradley Cooper in the box? I may just have to re-watch Silver Linings Playbook. Cuz it is never about the game. It’s about the feelings bubbling up from the experience ❤️

Then the Shaun White commercial ❤️

Bring on the Olympics baby !!!

As always more to come.


6 thoughts on “Fly Eagles 🦅 Fly

  1. Olympic Games? Are they happening soon? I must pay more attention. Down here we are having the Commonwealth Games. It has something to do with the Queen of England, I think. Anyway. Here’s the rules. Australia wins most of the the swimming events. England wins most of the track and field events. And Canada wins most of the other stuff. There are a few other invaded countries who pick up a medal here and there and everyone says gee that’s very good considering that you don’t even have decent sanitation in your country and if you were only a bit whiter then maybe you’d do even better.
    But there are a lot of really healthy and attractive people in not very much clothing hugging each other to be seen.
    I’ll send you a few screen shots if you like.

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    1. Oh that’s interesting I have never heard of the Commonwealth games I’d like to see some screenshots. Yes the Olympics begin on February 8.


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