In Other Words . . . I Might Be an Idiot #SoCS

I’m Not sorry! Big cojones and all. Lol! You guys who work where I work what do you think about this? My favorite part is “I don’t want to put a pin in our dialogue about transforming our talent acquisition as we pursue an out-of-the-box conversation. No, I want to put a pin through your tongue so you’ll never utter such communication malfeasance again.” Just add it’s a journey and we’re golden 🙂

socs-badge-2017-18-e1503097084778“In other words” is a phrase that, now that I think about it, drives me semi-nutty.

Because, “in other words” you couldn’t figure out how to say what the hell it was you wanted to say the first time.

If you do that, just say “let me put it another way.”

Oh. Crap.

I just realized that sounds pretty douchy too.

It’s hard to say what you want to say sometimes.

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