Barn Style Roof = Portal to Hades

Our neighbor’s house is coming along nicely.  Maybe another month to finish.  It will be very nice once it is done.  That means we will no longer be alone out here in the sticks.  Though I guess, to be fair, we are not alone.  It was just that previously the nearest neighbor was so far away that we could not see their house from ours.

Now we can and it is creepy.  And not for the reasons you think.  They chose a barn style roof over their garage.  All that creepy ass roof needs is triangle window eyes.  Doh! Amityville Horror.

I am sure they are too young to even know about Amityville Horror but their parents should know.  The builder or somebody should’ve told them. Do not select that roof line or you could be summoning Hades.

I just hope the land was not an ancient burial ground.

Doh! No wait that is Poltergeist.

As always, more to come.

12 thoughts on “Barn Style Roof = Portal to Hades

      1. Yes. I didn’t always but now I subscribe to the (adage) what you put in your mind/brain/memory effects you/your body just like eating food. I avoid anything that I suspect will “bother” me.

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      2. I have started doing the same. Even my choice of reading materials. I took the news apps off my phone. I need to be aware of the world but not 24/7 in my face.

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      1. I do know it was farm land originally. The soil is a nice sandy loam. Very nice for cultivating even still. The gentleman who owned it all, his name escapes me but he named a few of the streets after cities he visited in Mexico.


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