Nope πŸ‘Ž Not Done βœ…

Gonna ramble and muse until it is time for hair therapy.

Sirius XM have you met Jack?

I was going say Sirius XM you don’t know Jack!!!!!!!

But I didn’t cuz that’s too obvious. I’m lookin to expand my horizons. Increase my mad skillz as a writer/blogger/observer.

I kicked our XM subscriptions to the curb in an attempt to save coin. When I think πŸ€” of all the coin I wasted paying for Air it irritates me. For like a hot second and then I move one.

Yep! Mark this day. I’m not stewing. I’m giddy. And moving on.

Why you ask? Well the music 🎡 🎢 🎼 of course. Jack FM 102.7!! Eclectic just like I like it. I mean c’mon. They mix old school rock with pop … 80s 90s and today. Wowza.

Best of all it’s free!

As always more to come.

9 thoughts on “Nope πŸ‘Ž Not Done βœ…

  1. I wonder why I didn’t have a big ol’ TV antenna installed on the roof thirty years ago. For all the money I spent on cable we’d’ve had all the channels we even cared about and a lot more money in the bank…

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    1. We just dropped ours to the smallest package they offer. Only because we’ve become addicted to the cooking channels. Otherwise the free local channels fill the bill for us too.


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