Sometimes You Wanna Go

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name …

We went out to dinner last night at Casa de Jalisco formerly La Perla formerly Carlos Kelly’s to celebrate the closing on the land.  This places is our Cheers!

After a week and one day of wondering, a nice little compact package arrived in the mail with signed documents out the wazoo making the sale final.  Let the payments begin!  All 180 of them.  And look at us, no spring chickens.

Our first experience closing by mail went off without a hitch.  Well other than our self imposed worrying … over nothing it turns out.  As Jason from the Food Network would say “Thank you Sweet baby Jesus!”

B cried y’all.  I’ll deny I told you this but he did.  He acts all big and tough but he’s human.  Who knew?  I did ❤

I got the usual, cuz ya know this place is our Cheers!  The quesadilla plato (protein of choice).  Last night I chose camarón.  And today I get leftovers.  And yes, I ate at my desk. In case you missed the theme … today is a ME day 🙂

As always, more to come.

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