Random Thoughts ~ 1/20/18

I am taking a ME day.  On a weekend (aren’t all weekends filled with ME days if you do not have to work?) so it hardly counts.  But it DOES count.

Selfish? Perhaps but since being selfish is atypical for me, I will let this slide and not feel guilty. Or is selfish just how I roll?  You decide!

There is a book in my queue about a women who leaves her family behind. Maybe I will bring that to the top of my list.  If I do that, I will become that woman.  Fictional though she may be.  Reading to escape.  Aaaahhhh the elixir of life.  But I am not a reading mood now.  That is further down on my penciled in schedule.

Hmmm! Guilty is my middle name.

I am one J-Dub Mc-Guilty McGillicutty.  Who has to land on a spelling of her pseudonym last name  … tt or dd.  Both work. I have used dd twice and tt six times so tt it is! Now if I can only remember. I know how I will remember. Hehe.  Juvenile!

But I digress.  Belated rabbit hole alert! Nevermind … this entire post is a rabbit hole.

I’ve got nerves that jingle jangle jingle.  Unlike spurs that can hurt.  So I come here to write out all that ails me.

Yet at this very moment, I have never been more content.  Nothing ails me today.  I am however in a reflective mood.  Which I mistake for angst. I am contentedly full of angst  – two sides of the same coin.  Do not be oxymoronic girlie.

Truly this is bliss! A whole day just for me and how I waste (spend) it is my call and I have limitless options.  My music has been blarring since I woke up.  My coffee brewed and sipped and re-heated many times.  Maxwell house … good to the last drop.  Items on my to-do list crossed … I mean checked off.

Aaaahhh this is the stuff that dreams are made of.

As always, more to come.




2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts ~ 1/20/18

  1. “I’ve got nerves that jingle jangle jingle” mmhm.
    I’m taking a me day tomorrow. I asked for it off two Sundays ago, when I almost exploded from post-holiday-not-me times.
    Good for you! 😀

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