My Final Ramble for 1/20/18

I frantically wrote like a cuckoo-puff to see if I could get a message from WP.  No nice notes from them in a while and well, I was wondering if I still had it.  Sure enuf my traffic went up.  Woo hoo!

Mission accomplished! So now what do I do?

Well I went out to play with the pups seeing as I get to do anything I want today. I have not walked them by myself since I broke my arm.  I am still a little leery of getting tangled up on their leashes but boy they want to roam, so we roamed but just around the property and back.  A little jaunt I would say.

Anyhoo, after I got them settled back in and while I was still outside <gasp> I thought I’d take care of some chores that usually belong to B.

Only plants left in the garden are a few pepper plants that I checked on but they are doing ok without me.

Due to our closed for bidness day on 1/16/18, the trash and recycle pickup was delayed from Friday to today.

While I was out there being Peter Piper picking a peck of pickled peppers, I noticed the cans were empty.  Plus the cans were right next to the mailbox which needed to be checked.  Also B’s jobs.

Anyhoo, I sashayed my way down our loooong s-shaped drive in my penguin pjs not a care in the world despite the builders all over the neighbor’s house in various stages of performing their respective crafts.

My land’s that is the longest sentence, isn’t it?

Anyhoo, their house is coming along nicely.  Twice the size as ours but that’s ok.  I am happy for them.  Very exciting.  They are us 18 years ago.  Yep! I had forgotten a most important anniversary – 1/20/00 to 1/20/18.  On this day, we moved into our nest <3.  Boy, if these walls could talk ;).

Happy Saturday y’all.  I am off to wherever the wind blows me 🙂

7 thoughts on “My Final Ramble for 1/20/18

  1. Nice to see all your happy ‘me’ day posts! Yay for the final closing on your new property, your moving in to your nest anniversary, your wonderful meal at your Cheers place, your status report from WP, your peppers, and your penguin pajamas! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tony! I was just thinking to myself my boom! was quantity over quality. Maybe better to slow it down. I am just a little manic today. And all this writing has been a welcome diversion.


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