#JusJoJan for 1/19/18 ~ Darkness

Per Linda, Your prompt for January 19th, 2018, brought to you by my dear friend and fellow Canadian, Kerry, is “Darkness.” Use it any way you’d like in your post. And make sure you visit Kerry at her blog, “Her Headache,” to read her post and say hi! Here’s her link:  https://kkherheadache.wordpress.com/

Yes! Please do that!  See the link and say Hi! to Kerry.

J-Dub’s Post:


Only thought …

Drommen is a pervert!

Oh My Goodness.  J-Dub has gone off the deep end.

Pftt! I cannot be responsible for where my mind goes.  I can however be responsible for what I do with what comes to mind. Ha! So there 🙂

Our hostess with the mostest – the one and only Linda G Hill has a series: Second Seat on the Right.  Take a look-see.  Uber creative and clever.  You’re welcome 🙂 Yes, You just thanked me for showing you to a neat series.

The Darkness …

is a character in a few scenes from Second Seat on the Right.  Drommen is a character in more scenes than anyone else.  They are together in scene 33.

Not sure when or why but I wrote a post that included Drommen is a pervert and someone … Maybe Tony? pointed out to me that if you Google Drommen is a pervert, my blog is the first link you see.  My one and only claim to fame.  Google knows me.  I checked again just now and my blog has moved down a peg.  The top hit is Scene 119 from Linda’s series.  Followed by three different links to me.

I realized that I played it loosey goosey with the prompt.  Darkness is a place I do not want to go.  That was the old J-Dub.  This newest version of me is light, airy and oh so fluffy :).

Now I am fin!  If you want to join in, see the Rules and Ping Back

As always, more to come.

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