Open for Bidness

Yep, the ice is still here but not as bad and folks we are again open for bidness.

B drove me to work this morning and picked up me this afternoon.  Curb-side service!  I like it!! Though I did have to sort of skate to the front entry as the sidewalk and stairs were full of salt/sand/de-icing.  I just knew I was gonna tumble and break my arm again.  But nope, I made it.


I’ve been asked to use proper english – business J-Dub.  Well duh? That big red underline already showed me bidness is a made up word.

I’m trying to write phonetically … in funny accents … without ANY rules … because guess what? This writing is for fun!  I am not being graded.  This is the opposite of homework!!!

Yipee Ka-YaY


The Middle was good last night.  Brick is the master of the Whoop! And the Repeat Whisper.  That kid is the best I tell ya.  I wish I knew a Brick in real life.  I am going re-watch the episode just for that scene.  Him and Sue hiding behind the door, just peeking out telling Mike/Dad that they are working on the drywall repair. And the two just banter while Mike does the stare.  Stream of consciousness script writing.  Whoa.

As always, more to come.

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