Closed for Bidness

Yep, that’s icicles hanging from our Nandina bushes.

The city of San Antone shut down basically.  I had the privilege to work from home.  Saweet!!

Meant four, yes four cups of coffee!!  Watch out …those after effects are still going. Yet in my defense, they were small cups 🙂

B was off too.  In all my years of working from home on occassion, this is the first time he was here with me.  There have been other closures but that was back when closing meant closing not shifting to another locale.

The convo started at the crack of dawn and went something like this:

B: you gonna eat your cereal or are we making Sunday breakfast

Me: my cereal but make extra coffee please

B: I can do that (as he breaks out the waffle iron for Sunday breakfast … not me … I had cereal)

After breakfast

B: I’m bored

Me: I’m at work

B: Oh. OK.

Then he proceeds to ask me a bunch of questions, that do not matter because they are rhetorical and he is BORED!  Poor guy can’t sit still and this forced time out is pure torture!!

Me: Really, I am at work

He leaves … I could hear him on the phone.  Not enough to understand the conversations but enough to know he was talking to several people to just talk … about ICE.  Until noonish … when he comes back.

B:  You gonna eat your leftovers?

Me: Eventually

B: You get a lunch break.  What would you do at work?

Me: Eat at my desk like I do almost every day

B: That’s not right but OK

Me: You could spoil me even more, heat it up and bring it to me

Which he did … because he loves me 🙂

Awwww Saweet!

I just heard, tomorrow is back to normal … for me.

B: I can drive you to work tomorrow

I have to wonder if that sweet or is he already bored and planning on driving as something to do??  Either way, I’ll take it 🙂

As always, more to come.

3 thoughts on “Closed for Bidness

  1. Because he’s bored…hahaha cracked me up. He’s taking you because he loves you, I’m sure of it. This winter has been crazy. They aren’t sure yet if its snowing here, maybe, maybe rain and snow, maybe before 3pm maybe after hahaha. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

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