#JusJoJan for 1/15/2018 ~ Justice

*Adult Content* Well enough cursing that I felt the need to add *Adult Content*

Prompt: Justice.

Suggested by Barb over at “Gallimaufry”.  Take a look at what she’s been up to. Go on, go back and check the link.  You’re back.  Welcome!!

Justice.  Immediately Metallica pop into my brain.  We were there!




Wherever We May Roam

The occasion was B’s 28th birthday.  Just a baby.  We went with his brother and some friends.  I was the only chick.  Lol!  Funny what you remember.

On the set list was a justice medley (Includes excerpts of “Eye of the Beholder”, “Blackened”, “The Frayed Ends of Sanity” and “…And Justice for All”)

The following YouTube video is from a concert in San Diego circa 1992.  Close enough.  1992 was way before I would have had a recording device on my iPhone. I am transported back to a time.  Hells yeah.  Sing along and move your body if you feel the need to.


Not everyone’s cup of tea.  I get that.  People are always shocked by my musical tastes.  In actuality, my tastes are very eclectic.  I’ve been known to belt out a hymn or two as well.

Rules and Ping Back

Join us won’t you?

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