(Jan. 14/18) “I Can Feel It Combing In The Hair Tonight”

🎼 I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life. Hold on. 🎼. Read between the lines. So good!!! Truly is a wordsmith genius.

I Will Wry-se Up

Well, hello, Wonderfuls!

Heeeere’s Context!!!

This feel-good (like having your hair brushed) post was inspired by a conversation I had with my funny, sensitive, bright, and resilient friend, “J-Dub”.

(You can find her at https://jilywily.wordpress.com/)

In response to my last post, she and I deep-end our bond by discussing our tendency to invalidate our triumph-over-challenges because, in hindsight, they can look so small…and because countless others have it so much worse.

And we confided that, without reminding ourselves to make self-compassion paramount, we are vulnerable to feeling like a self-indulgent whiners/weaklings.

But, here’s another take…

If uber-gifted/successful celebs such as Britney Spears can lose it, and Drew Barrymore can fall victim to addiction (to name but two snow flakes in a blizzard of talented people)—

and, they can find/fight their way back—

it makes sense that it’s not fair to make comparisons…

For, pain is pain and—while privilege…

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