#JusJoJan and #SoCS for 1/13/18

Good morning everyone! Time again for #SoCS and in a twist #JusJoJan will be part of the scene.  And today we needed to read closely. Oooooh the excitement!!!

Look to the publication (book, newspaper, permission slip from your kid’s teacher, whatever you find) closest to you, and base your post on the sixth, seventh, and eighth word from the beginning of the page.

As luck would have it, I write this from my desktop so the ping back will work. That was it … go back and check.  Rules will be in the link too and a lot of other good work for you guys to read.  Anyway, I have not quite figured out how to ping back from the mobile WP app and I am too impatient to learn.

Right in front of me is the handout of my personal exercise program.  Words 6, 7 and 8 are on the table.

Well hell.  I got nothing.  Do I really want to be boring and add? … place your entire forearm palm side of the hand and arm facing down …

What’s really kind of cool is the way this occupational therapy thing works.  If you do the exercises faithfully, you eventually reach maximum medical improvement.  And I am obsessed with getting my full range of motion and strength back.  In a short week I have already improved.

Brag much?  Not really.

How did I know this? I talked my therapist into taking new measurements on Thursday even though it does not work that way.  They take a first set of measurements day one and then after four weeks, they take new measurements. He said nothing would change this quickly but he humored me and wa-la!  He did not complete the entire series but on the one measurement he agreed to perform, my 4 became a 35 on the road to 50.  More incentive for me to try harder and continue on.

Feels like something is missing and I should add more.  But there are really no rules.  See here: Much may be left up to your discretion: this week is no exception. Of course, I have my own made up rules.  The timer is ticking and about to sing time’s up!  Guess I am fin.  For today anyways. Seeing as my tag line is: As always, more to come. I’ll be back.

This scattered mess was brought to you by one J-Dub McGillicutty.  If you’d like to join this band of merry prompt (use prompt as an adjective or a noun) responders, go back up to almost the start of this post.  The link is there to the whole kit and kaboodle.

2 thoughts on “#JusJoJan and #SoCS for 1/13/18

    1. Thank you! I’d say I am better already but …
      I broke my left arm on 11/11/17. Cast came off in December and now the fun begins :). If all goes well I’ll be released in February! Not like I am counting or anything 😉


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