Don’t Ask The Question If You Don’t Want To Know The Answer

Setting: 15th floor reception area of 12345 Ad Space Towers, Anyplace USA.

Characters: Admin Assistant James and Boss lady Lilly Jones.

James: Good morning Ms. Jones.  Welcome back.  I trust you had a wonderful holiday?

Lilly: Well, actually the time off was anything but wonderful.  How dare you assume it was all fairy tales and snowflakes! Just give me my messages.

The minute the words slipped past her lips, she knew she had hurt him.  Too late for sorry.  Hot seething anger bubbled up.  Why did he always to this?  Bait her! Yet in actuality, he did nothing to cause this most recent snap.  He simply welcomed her back to this place when she’d rather be anywhere else but here.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Ask The Question If You Don’t Want To Know The Answer

      1. Oh my she was a peach. It might not happen any more, it happened to me a bunch with this one particular boss. Except it was a he, and he just hated me hahaha. Or so I thought. I saw him many years later and he told me the best employee he ever had was me, that I worked hard, went above and beyond. I was floored because he spoke to me daily, much like your piece of fiction. Which by the way, is very well written. You have a talent for sure 🙂 Sorry about the “jillybean” I don’t know what came over me 🙂

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      2. I have come to find that some people just have trouble with displaying emotions and they put up a front. And many people think before speaking. As for jillybean, that makes my heart happy. I always wanted a nickname, never had one growing up and now I have many.

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