Originally posted to FB on 1/3/16

The following was written just over two years ago pre-WP blog.  Seems like I have been at this for years but actually my second anniversary of blogging in earnest is still about six months away.  I am nothing if I am not predictable as my writing style remains mostly unchanged.  Maybe my writing style needs a shot in the arm???

It’s official, I’ve gone off the deep end but it’s quite pleasant over here … I call this rambling – free form associations, no wonder it takes me over an hour to grocery shop.

Today is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! My first thought as I headed out this morning was “wow what a difference a day makes” so true what “they” say … (whoever “they” are) about the TX weather, just wait a minute and it’ll change. My next thought was if I had my druthers, I much prefer days like today – cool crisp 52 degrees with the sun shining.

My third thought was surely druthers is a made up word. So on my phone because I know both before internet and after internet; I google it and sure enough it is not made up … druthers is a noun meaning: one’s own way, choice, or preference. Ex. If I had my druthers, I’d dance all night making my fourth thought well maybe if it was the 80’s.

So why stop there I think I remember another word drithers (or maybe druthers) from the comic strip Blondie. Oh how I love Blondie (the singer, not the comic strip so I get myself back on track and out comes Google again). Drithers is really Mister J C Dithers, Dagwood’s boss as I think close but no cigar. Google still open and thoughts wonder to what in the world is the origin of close but no cigar ?? Hmmm …well you see, in case you ever wondered, in the 19th century US they used to give cigars as carnival prizes. Carnival barkers would yell out close but no cigar for a near miss at knocking down all the milk bottles.

SQUIRREL or MILK BOTTLES … I remember milk delivery. Milk was delivered to our front porch with foil tops on bottles that I somehow think we turned back in to get refills but that I may be dreaming. And finally I remember Murphy’s ice house on Fair Ave. and Gevers where we’d regularly drive through in our 1960/70 something Ford Country Squire station wagon to get block ice and gallons of milk (with the foil tops) delivered right to the car. You could also go inside for a beer or an ice cold Dr. Pepper and a friendly game of checkers or pool.

My next thought was enough looking at your phone, finish the list and get yourself home.

If you made it through the rabbit hole, all the way to the end, Cheers and Happy Sunday!!

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