Should I?

My doctor called out sick so my appointment for this morning was cancelled. Ugh!

I was waiting for today to get my lab results. I resisted opening the email and self diagnosing. Now that the appointment was delayed until 1/30, I may just break down and check it out.

Should I? Just thinking about it makes me dizzy and break out into a cold sweat!


As always more to come.

8 thoughts on “Should I?

  1. That’s over a month of waiting. I would assume the labs have nothing too detrimental if they’re willing to wait that long. So you may as well look. Additionally, I can call the nurse and follow up with her And ask questions. If she doesn’t have an answer or if it’s a question related to meds, she talks to the doc and calls me back. Maybe you can do that.

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      1. I can’t like that! I know first hand sometimes affectionately referring to myself as Anxiety Girl – super power to imagine the worst case scenario of every situation. It sucks. You are not alone.


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