The Weather

Out of sorts

I hate the rain

Despite its’ nourishment of the soil

Gray and dreariness

Drag me down

Into a pit of emptiness

Too much time to think

And what am I thinking about?  I hope to get my cast off tomorrow. But I fear I have not been in this thing long enough.  I fell on 11/11 so a mere month and change is not the requisite six weeks which Dr. Google says I will need.  I am at a point of being driven batty.  It is super gross!! I want to sanitize my arm and put lotion on my hand.

Ugh, I already have these tendencies that are now being pushed to an extreme.  And of course my arm hurts! But I blame the weather and this dang cast.  Maybe it has been on too long!!!! I begged B to get the saw from the barn but he refused.  Told me to take a chill pill because I was being ridiculous.  Better living through chemistry and all that good stuff. Tick Tock J-Dub, not like you’re pacing and counting the hours anyway.

As always, more to come.

7 thoughts on “The Weather

  1. Hmm…sounds like you need a glass of wine to go with that whine! 😘 I’m sorry chica. I can just imagine how batty you must be going! Maybe you’ll end up with some sort of bizarrely super strong hulk arm.

    Hopefully you got a chuckle or two my dear. Stay strong and hopefully the cast comes off soon. dr google is only a guide. Your bones are the only answer there. My daughters cast was off in 4 weeks, because she healed quickly!!!

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