J-Dubs Book Review of All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Fast paced thriller that’s written in time warping chapters with several quotes about time. Here’s a good one:

Maybe Dad was right, that time wasn’t real. Just a thing we created to move on. Just a label to make sense of things.

I had to remind myself it was fiction because it read like Investigation Discovery – channel 192. Truth is stranger than fiction. Always!

No plot spoilers from me. Highly recommend if you like who done it mystery with family and friends like family dynamics showing the lengths people will go for the ones they love. Sprinkle is masks we wear and the age old question- do you ever really know anyone or what they’re capable of?

To know exactly what’s what, you’ll have to read it for yourself. So good that I have two and 1/2 pages of quotes for my commonplace book. Overall JDub rating 4.89 out of 5 ✨.

As always more to come

10 thoughts on “J-Dubs Book Review of All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

    1. Thanks for the reblog. I hope you like all the missing girls. Like everything I read, i made it about me and found ways to relate. Trevor could be played by a young Chris Hemsworth 😂


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