Gender Bias

The following was written two years ago on this day. Pre-blog. Topic is still relevant which is why I’m sharing here.

I attended a webinar today about unconscious gender bias. Made me stop and think. Lulu is going into pre-nursing. A friend of ours told her “don’t stop there why not become a doctor?” She assumed Paige thought a female can’t become a doctor. Lulu has only ever had a female doctor. She told our friend “I’d rather help ppl hands on”. She saw what H went through fighting cancer and it was always the nurses who did everything. She wants to do that. And that’s a bias too … that all the nurses helping H were female … they weren’t! Makes me realize bias starts early and it is everywhere.

So tonight vegging out watching Survivor when B said during a challenge “she throws like a girl” I kind of lost it. “Oh yeah well this girl might kick your a$$”. He was confused. He meant nothing bad by what he said.

As if I could … kick his a$$. I mean I am a girl πŸ˜‡I’m SO mean to him even after he made me delicious crispy tacos. Doh! Girly boy likes to cook πŸ˜‰. I’m joking. No haters please.

If you’re a daddy of a daughter, let her know that she can be ANYTHING she wants to be; she can rule the world.

PEACE out!✌️

As always more to come.

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