Random Thoughts

Me: What about X?

B: I already did that.

Me: What about Y?

B: I already did that.

Me: What about Z?

B: I already did that.

He’s my mind reader. An inherent doer who never overthinks anything. I’m his companion side kick Anxiety Girl. I’m blessed beyond belief.

In my reflective mood, I look out across my front yard through the prism in my door. I see the snow and I tear up. Happy tears of course. I’m in my warm home, drinking my coffee and eating peanut butter toast. B is at work but has checked in on me twice. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

Side bar funny thought is how MY city reacted to the first snow in 32 years. From 8:00 pm on we had weather news coverage.

B “bet people from places it always snows are laughing their ass off at us. I wish they had aired the baking competition instead of this crap. I’m going outside to make a snowman. Wanna go with me?”

Me: Nothing fits over my cast.

B: I’ve got something you can wear.

He proceeds to dress me up like Nanuk of the North. I took one slow walk down the front side walk. It was just wet and cold so I went back in. Pretty but not worth it. Maybe if the kids had been here?

Guess I better get movin. I’m burning daylight in these thoughts.

As always more to come.

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