Christmas Poll #2

Favorite Christmas carol and why?

I’ll go first and hopefully I won’t hear crickets.  Ever wonder where that expression came from?  Crickets are noisy buggers.  Yet hearing crickets means awkward silence.  Hmmm.  Somebody got it wrong.  If you hear crickets it’s like a loud cacophony.  Oh look at me, using big words.  I’ve been just itching to use cacophony in a sentence.  Anyhoo, just know that your comments are addictive!  Better than almost everything.

Out of the rabbit hole and she’s back!

My favorite carol used to be Joy to the World but now it is the Little Drummer Boy.  Why?  Because what’s not to love?  Here is an especially good version by Pentatonix.


11 thoughts on “Christmas Poll #2

  1. Frank Sinatra’s version of the Christmas Waltz is one of my favorites. The spooky chorus during the intro & outro take this song to another level.

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  2. Well, crickets are noisy, and sometimes make great music, as they did with Buddy Holly and the Crickets! 🙂 … Now, I usually go with “O Holy Night” and “What Child is This” for my favorite carols.

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