So Freaking Fantastic

I had to stop reading What The Hell Did I just Read?   Instead I’ve got to write about it. Dayum! Get it out of my system.

Everyone knows that I love commonplace books. I have had them my entire reading life.  They started with words I didn’t know and the definitions to build my vocabulary and have expanded into pearls of wisdom and nuggets of gold!!!  This book aaaahhhhh.  I need to buy it and highlight entire pages.  I can’t write it fast enough.

B: Are you reading or writing?

Me: Both and why do you always ask me that?

B: Why do you answer my question with a question?

Me: You are missing out. You’ve got to read this book!!

B: Maybe I should?

Me: Hells yeah, we’ll have our own book club. 

I am going to find ways to work some of this into conversation. Deep man, very deep yet entertaining.  I have an immense school girl crush on the author if you’ve not noticed.  Hubba, hubba what an exquisite mind!!

Here is some of the good stuff:

But then one by one, the smart kids, the ambitious kids, the kids with rich parents – they ascended us.

Society doesn’t need me – I’m that extra screw you have left over you’ve put together an Ikea desk.

We have a roof over our heads, she says, we have food, we have electricity, we have each other.  By medieval standards, she points out, we’d have been considered rich.  Don’t beat yourself up over an ideal dreamed up by a bunch of marketing jerks on the coasts …

As always more to come.

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