Christmas Poll

Angel or Star as your tree topper and why?

I’ll start … no idea why but it’s an angel!


We’d have to dig up my parents from their graves to ask why.  Oh how morbid J-Dub!!  Shame on you for ruining an otherwise delightful poll.  This post is supposed to be sweet and sentimental.

And it is sweet and sentimental!  Why an angel? I simply followed suit, no questions asked. My mother gave the above angel to Billy Bob and me in 1984.  Such a sweet expression on her face.  Calming and protective.  And we’ve used her every year since.  Even during the cranky years of wah-wah feel sorry for yourself and get over it already.  I am fairly certain we use the angel because an angel appeared to Mary.  The Star of Bethlehem may have shown the way but Gabriel came first.

Really begging for comments here people.  Let me know your preference if you have one.  The shortest poll you ever took.

As always, more to come.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Poll

  1. We don’t do a big tree any more, but we’ve had all kinds of toppers in the past. Angels, stars, Santa hats, ornaments, pink sunglasses, big bows. Probably a star would be my favorite, though. 🙂

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      1. Yeah, for awhile we did different themes for the decorations, and this one was for a 50s type theme. It was all pink & black decorations, and a poodle skirt for the table the tree was on, pink feather boas, and all kinds of stuff. 🙂

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