#SoCS ~ 11/18/17

Hey! Hey you!

That’s my attention grab


HEY! <insert name>

HEY JOE!  – Jimi Hendrix

I’d never say psst to get someone’s attention

Psst is for secrets

psst is for keeping things on the dl

Scene: Canal Street, NYC

Psst, check this out!


Have I got a deal for you

Handbags … LV … deep discount


Watches – Rolex

and with that my stream is gone …

except for some reason, I picture Drommen

Psst!  May I?

Lol!!! except not lol … Drommen is a pervert!

For anyone who has not read  Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right series, you’ve no idea what you’re missing.  I have this mental image … kook in Columbo style trench coat.  Naked underneath … riding the bus all day.  Psst, may I?

But there is so MUCH more.

Today’s #SoCS was brought to you by one J-Dub McGillicuddy.  Looking to get her mo jo back.  She knows it’s in there somewhere.

Here are the Rules and Ping Back so you can play along.

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