#SoCS for November 11, 2017

Good morning everybody.  J-Dub is already sounding like a character from the Simpsons.  Longest running TV show in the history of TV shows.  Oh and you should fact check me.  I just guessing and could be wrong.  Lol!

Today’s prompt is arm or a word with arm in it.  Linda thinks this might bring out touchy subjects.  Linda is our fantastic host.  She sets this up for us every Friday and then on Saturday, we create!  Aaaahhh such sweet relief.  Cheaper than therapy.

Here are the  Rules and Ping Back .  What follows is my flow:

Touchy huh? And perhaps if this post is about the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms, then oh my yes it could get touchy.  But this is stream of consciousness and I am protecting myself from all the vitriol.  There are two distinct sides and I see logic in both points of view.  If we listened to each other and realized both sides want the same (an end to the senseless killings) instead of judging and arguing maybe together we’d find a solution.  Pipedream J-Dub.  Or what are you putting in your pipe?  Nothing.  Instead I am going to follow my steps.

think, think, think


an arm and a leg

I’d give my right arm to …

charm, swarm, farm, harm, warm

ugh! I got nothing

back to arm

think, think, think

Oh well, my stream is caught up on the rocks.  Not going any further today.  Time to make hay while the sunshines.  See you next week.



5 thoughts on “#SoCS for November 11, 2017

  1. Nice post and here is your fact checking. The Simpsons has been running for 28 seasons, and they have aired just over 600 episodes. Gunsmoke only ran for 20 seasons ending in 1975, but they aired 635 episodes, so this really depends on how you look at it, however if the Simpsons keeps going till 2019, it will outpace the western TV drama Gunsmoke.

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