So Now I’m Sure I Need Recommendations

Ok SA peeps.  I’m in need of an orthopedist. For reals. 

I fell flat on my ass while I was cavorting around like an Angora goat 🐐 mascot of the town of Rock Springs the place that B and I were visiting.   In an effort to break my fall, I fractured my distal radius AND my ulnar on my left side.  No dislocation and no additional fractures noted.   Half cast set and hard cast to follow.  

I’m not hopped on pain meds either.  The urgent care had none.  Instead I’m high on life and blessed beyond measure.  I’m right handed for instance. I’m spoiled rotten by B as well. 

We’re debating stuff. 

Me:Take my picture! 

B: No.  That’s just crazy Jill.  

Me: Pfft

B: No one cares but me.  

Me: Pfft 

And whether a fracture is a break.  I say no they’re different and I’m googling that shit!  Lol 😂 

12 thoughts on “So Now I’m Sure I Need Recommendations

  1. I did that a few years ago with my right hand/wrist/arm breakin a fall walking the dogs. Being right handed, I had a bit of a challenge. But it will be fun decorating the cast. I hope yours heals well.

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