Financial Advice

Me: Maybe we should get the 20 year ARM?  Keep the payments down the first five years?

B: Pony said never to do that.

Me: Why?  maybe back in the day when all those poor people got shafted.  Balloons bursting.  I think there are regulations in place now to keep that from happening again.

B: I’d rather have the fixed payments

Me: Let’s call him and ask.

As always, more to come.



11 thoughts on “Financial Advice

      1. Aw, I feel you on that one, Jill. 😉 Thats why I asked is there a difference. People say there is, but like you, it’s all anxiousness to me. Although for the first time in my LIFE my heart rate is 74 beats a minute. My son said, “Mom, it’s never been below 100bpm.” My reply, “wow, this is what normal feels like”

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      2. I have some irrational terrified feelings about other things. When I get to 6 of 10 on anxiety, my new technique is to get up and walk. So far it is working.

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      3. It does work, Jill. I did it for over a decade, got on a tread mill, crank it up and then the irrational heart beat becomes rational again and it can be mentally dealt with. I hurt my knee a few months back, and haven’t been able to do this since then. I blame that for my recent elevated state getting so bad. That was one of my important management skills. I am thankful I am evening back out. I have for the first time in my life had a heart rate under 100. It was pretty consistent at 76bpm. I thought aaahhhh this is what normal feels like :):)

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