🦌 In the headlights

The Wash Tub car wash has become a mini Hallmark. Doh! I want everything and I want nothing.  Next stop the Gucci-B aka the fancy HEB grocery store for all you non San Antonians.  

Poor picture quality but it’s crowded in here. I’m done taking pictures since I’m already getting funny looks.  You can’t play tunes like this and expect me not to dance 💃🏻 

I Missed An Appointment

Bound to happen sooner or later.  I’ve got lists for lists of lists of things to do.  I had written down an appointment but failed to add it to my Outlook.  I live by my calendar in Outlook y’all.  Those reminders are key!  When I got the text, are you ok? I have you at 1:00 today, my brain roils.  What day is it anyway?  How could I forget?  What else have I forgotten?  Am I losing my religion? REM! ❤

Well, I’ve got reasons ahem OR excuses.  None are very good.  I FEEL awful!!!

Worst part is I NEEDED this particular appointment and I had the time available.  Especially since I’ve already hit close to 40 hours this week and I still have all day tomorrow.  A little two hour breather (including travel time) was sorely missed AND just what the doctor ordered. I guess you guys are filling in. Release the hounds! Eeehhh. nevermind.  Bedtime.  Sweet Dreams Angels.

As always, more to come.

The Elevator Chronicles

I must be a little bit like the girl who cried Wolf. Because I don’t think too many people believe me.  Oh that’s just silly neurotic J-Dub.  I know I am prone to being a queen, drama. But this is da truth  y’all.

Today, October 26, 2017 in the year of our Lord, one J-Dub McGillicutty was trapped in an elevator!! I’d tell you the whole story but I don’t think I could get to the point without rambling on blah blah blah blah.  And yes I may have contributed to my own entrapment. LOL. My fantastically smart and dapper coworker gave me the “what I should have done” lesson after 3 pm.  Where was he at 7 am ?!??!?

So, … is the most over used word on the planet.

So, … I should’ve just pushed the button to go to the first floor when the open door button failed to open the door as I was trapped on floor 4.  Yep, the OPEN door button did not open y’all!  Instead I pushed the help button.  crackle, crackle … you have reached the office of … we are closed now …  call xxx-xxx-xxxx for assistance.  Sacrebleu@

Well, it was only the b’crack of dawn as I had just finished at the gym!  I do have my cell phone with no reception.  I panic and I keep punching the help button while in a slightly raised voice calling out help me! help me!  Daina if you see this, lol!  I am picturing Jeff Goldblum in the Fly.

Then I hear the crew who were working on the elevator tell me, it’s ok, we are here ma’am, you’ll be going to 1 and then you need to go to the front desk.  Well what the hell took you so long to say that?!?!?  Was it my incessant pushing of the help button or the sheer panic in my voice?  Whew! saved.  Right? Uh no, the elevator starts rising! WTH.  Let me the fuck out!!! Lol!  Yep I am laughing now but where was this J-Dub at 7 am?  No good deed goes unpunished; so much for going to the gym.

More FUN ensues and it’s too hard to transcribe but suffice it to say I will be working at a different office tomorrow.  Turns out my card is just fine!  Office management took me around testing it to be sure.  We tested the parking entrance, the external door(s) and the gym.  Since the card worked on all those restricted areas, she knew this had to do with a known systems glitch.  I am on some list and when my elevator access is restored, she’ll let me know. Oy vey!

My feature photo is me in the bird’s nest.  I’ve seen better days.

As always, more to come.


How much sleep 😴 is enough?

I had a bit of insomnia last night.  What’s different now is how I react to waking up multiple times a night. Previously I’d look at the clock. I’d toss and turn. I’d do the math … if I fall asleep in five minutes I’ll get x hours. It was awful.  

These days I refuse to look at the clock.  I start deep breathing and meditating instead.  I become zen.  Mostly works but not last night.  

However as luck would have it, after the 4am alarm sounded, I fell back into a deep sleep  and got two solid hours.  I dreamt about something I can’t quite remember but I woke with this song on a loop through my brain.  Though in my version the words of one Gene Autrey were altered to 

I got nerves that jingle jangle jingle

Because I do y’all.  I don’t have spurs.  I have nerves.  In fact, look 👀 up nervous 😟 in the dictionary and you’ll see me 😳.  Though what’s different these days  is that I own it. My reactions like the winds they are a changing.  

Decisions Decisions.  I’ll go with good ole Gene first 🤣

And add Zander Michigan as bonus. 

As always more to come.  

Neighbors Should Be Neighborly 

OK that’s either a big typo in my title or haven’t written the word neighbor in a long time.  We used to live in a neighborhood. And then we moved out on some acreage. But we do still have neighbors; they’re just further down the road.  

Life has a way of going fast and day-to-day stuff gets in the way.  Before you know it, years have passed. Here’s my conversation with B this evening:

B: Hey I talked to Roy for a while.  We caught up. 

(Roy is our neighbor at the other end of the road … 20 acres away)

Me:  That’s good. What’d he say about our soon to be new neighbors.  Are they related? 

B: No, they just hired him to do the concrete.  Basically he’s semi-retired since April died. 

Me: What!? I didn’t know that.  I knew she was sick.  I hoped she had beat cancer. 
B: No sadly she passed almost a year ago.  They had moved to Houston to be near MD Anderson.  Kids stayed here in the house.  He’s moved back and they’re out. Both kids are married. 

Me:  How’d we miss that?!?  April was so kind.  She always spoke when she saw me. Her sister never said a word.  They did everything together those sisters. I picture Roy and April’s daughter at 14 on her roller skates.  It’s crazy we didn’t know and we didn’t do something.  We should have. 

B: Jill they weren’t here.  He kept it family only.  

But still.  I’m regularly reminded of the passage of time and how you never really know what others are going through.  I’m challenged to be a better neighbor. Human*Kind.  Be both ❤️

I’ve Got Stuff To Do But I Am Not Doing It

… and that’s A-Okay!  I’m taking a leisurely pace today.  And I am doing stuff but maybe not in the order I originally planned.  I am haphazardly checking things off (never cross off) the eternal to-do list while making a revised to-do list using a tried and true method from Organizing for Success a class I took at my employer of choice!  The company I work for is the best!  Hands down! And I work in the BEST department within said company.  Pinch me y’all I must be dreaming.

I am as happy as I ever get, waiting for the shoe to drop because that is how we anxiety ridden type A’s roll.  Occasionally we let loose and Paint with a Twist in which for me anyway I shed my perfectionist ways and go for it!  Very cool as this letting my freak flag fly is a new coping mechanism for moi.  Artsy creative stuff with writing being included in that category is a release where I allow perfection to float away with the wind.  Screw you perfection, you elusive bastard; you are overrated anyway.

My friend and I painted these last night.

Of course the one you like best is mine.  Just kidding.  One of us had professional help and I’m not saying who, Wink, wink!  If you think they’re the same picture, you might just be day drinking. Which is what Pony said to me when I told him what my friend and I planned to do.

I’ve heard of that place, it’s where you go to paint and day drink.

Doh!  Lol! No day drinking for me.  Not when I am driving anyways.

You see I called Pony and asked him to reach out of his dad aka Big B squared.  B and I made an offer on some hunting land and the sellers said no.  We made a counter offer and have not heard back but won’t matter because when we crunched the numbers the second offer is too steep.  When I left yesterday evening, I was worried about B.  He’s sad y’all.  Pretty pitiful.

But, a silver lining shined through.  This quest for a patch of God’s green earth to call our own has bonded us together just like all the other obstacles we’ve lived through.  And, considering the other obstcales were way worse, we’re not so bad off.

I found out, Pony is B’s best friend.  Well besides me.  You really can be friends with your ADULT children.  Once they are grown everything changes.  I hadn’t realized how close they were until Friday night when I heard them talking on the phone.  BEFORE our offer was declined … when we still thought it’d go through.  B was telling Pony all about our day and the place!  I didn’t even need to hear both sides.  The love and respect were palpable.

After the decline, I gently nudged Pony to make contact and watch out for his old man while I was out gallivanting.  Pony is as broken up as I am about the whole thing.  Champagne problems for sure.  I am not looking for sympathy unless it is with the Devil and of the Rolling Stones variety.  Rock on with ur bad selves.  What a glorious day!!!!