8 thoughts on “Why Wash Tub? Why?

  1. It’s a trick, RUN JILL RUN.

    Now having said that, I posted this comment yesterday(one similiar to it, my memory won’t allow me to remember the EXACT verbage) and it never made it. I have been having an issue because apparently I am the “s” word lol. If you get repeats of comments, or get none then they are in you “s” folder :):)

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      1. Well, there is a comment somewhere out there and it included a “Jill this is why I love you” You missed out. hahaha. I don’t even remember which post it was. I know it was one of the ones from yesterday. WP marked me as spam. I have been in contact with them, and everyone is finding me in their spam folders and marking me as NOT lol so today seems like the comments are coming through.

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