Warm Fuzzies 

Pony: so how is he?

Me: how do you think? He’s broken.  

Pony: that’s why I’m calling. What happened?

Me: you’ve got to make the offer through a contract. We were both confused and assumed the two realtors had reached an agreement. We thought the contract was a done deal. But they rejected the offer and won’t budge from the asking price. 

Pony: what’s next?

Me: we look at more places. I hate xxxxx.  I could truly hurt xxxxx.  

Pony: no kidding. 

Me: I tried to get him to invite you to lunch. He said go without him.  I told him if he doesn’t go I’m not either.  He’s outside staring at all his gear.  It’s pitiful.  

Pony: tell him tonight we’re going to Maggiano’s for our anniversary and he’s going too.  No choice.  I’ll cheer him up. 

And that he did.  Our sweet Pony boy. When you have a two hour dinner with laughter til you cry, it gives you the warm fuzzies. Well that and to see them content and in love.  It really was a cause to celebrate 🎉 even if we were 3 days early.  

I’m still giggling as I write this.  Learned some new stories.  Things he got away with as a kid.  My baby is turning 30 soon. How’d that happen when I’m only 22.  

People not things.  My heart is full 

Featured image courtesy of Lulu. Her own stencil.  So cute!

3 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzies 

  1. hahaha. I don’t know how us 22 year olds end up with the almost 30 something kids 😉 So happy y’all could cheer up B. The one thing I have learned dealing with the public most of my life, their wants and needs change daily. Even though the offer was rejected, and they won’t budge, right now, that could change. Or you will find something better and y’all will be saying, we are so happy that other place fell through because this one is better ;):)

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    1. Yes! I believe that to be true. If other offers do not come pouring in, they could come back to us. Meanwhile our realtor has a place he’d like to show us and we found two more places on the website to view. Everything is in HIS hands and what happens, happens for a reason.

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