Warm Fuzzies 

Pony: so how is he?

Me: how do you think? He’s broken.  

Pony: that’s why I’m calling. What happened?

Me: you’ve got to make the offer through a contract. We were both confused and assumed the two realtors had reached an agreement. We thought the contract was a done deal. But they rejected the offer and won’t budge from the asking price. 

Pony: what’s next?

Me: we look at more places. I hate xxxxx.  I could truly hurt xxxxx.  

Pony: no kidding. 

Me: I tried to get him to invite you to lunch. He said go without him.  I told him if he doesn’t go I’m not either.  He’s outside staring at all his gear.  It’s pitiful.  

Pony: tell him tonight we’re going to Maggiano’s for our anniversary and he’s going too.  No choice.  I’ll cheer him up. 

And that he did.  Our sweet Pony boy. When you have a two hour dinner with laughter til you cry, it gives you the warm fuzzies. Well that and to see them content and in love.  It really was a cause to celebrate 🎉 even if we were 3 days early.  

I’m still giggling as I write this.  Learned some new stories.  Things he got away with as a kid.  My baby is turning 30 soon. How’d that happen when I’m only 22.  

People not things.  My heart is full 

Featured image courtesy of Lulu. Her own stencil.  So cute!


#SoCS for 10/28/17 ~ which/witch/wich

Which way will this stream of consciousness flow today? Hmmm.  Well, I cannot do my usual think, think, think because … well because there are additional instructions today that I must follow for points.  Glorious points!!!!

Wait!  Well was two weeks ago.  You are behind the times J-Dub.  Move along.

Start with Which.  Check.

Add witch in there somewhere.  Check.

This is Halloween weekend.  Ever wonder why people are calling it that.  Halloween is a day … falls on a Tuesday this year.  There is no such thing as Halloween weekend until the day of Halloween falls on a weekend again.  I believe folks are just looking for excuses to have fun and eat candy.

I have always loved Halloween.  For decades, the grade school I attended had our fall carnival on the last Saturday of October.  Halloween themed with haunted house and cardboard tunnel maze to crawl through.  A fish pond and cake walk.  We got to wear our costumes.  I was a witch one year.  I was also Frankenstein and Casper. There was also a sock hop and a raffle.  Good times I tell ya!

Now I know what you’re thinking.  J-Dub grew up in the 1950’s.  Sock hopping and all that but nope.  The 1950’s were the generation before my own.  I did however enjoy a bucolic existence.  Very Mayberry.  Ours was a small community like the bar Cheers where everybody knows your name.

Oh and you’re also thinking how many times is one time too many to write Halloween in a post?  Six, the answer is six!

This year the school shuttered its’ doors due to lack of enrollment.  I find that very sad but inevitably.  No one lives inside the loop anymore.  The parish is shrinking.  I won’t belabor the point though.  I have fond memories that will live on forever.  People for who at time in my life were my everything!  People who helped shape me into the person I am today.

Shame on all of you!  I am a neurotic mess.  Lol!  I only jest. Kind of, sort of, not really.

Okay, bring it home girlie.  Use a word that ends with wich.  Well, … Here we go again; well was the prompt two weeks ago.  Stop it! I’m telling.  There is only one word I can think of and that word is sandwich.

Happy Saturday y’all.  I hope you have enjoyed this rambling mess as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  From the mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty with special thanks to Linda G. Hill’s #SoCS prompt for 10/28/17.  Here are the Rules and Ping Back  Play along if you dare. BWHAHAHAHA.

🦌 In the headlights

The Wash Tub car wash has become a mini Hallmark. Doh! I want everything and I want nothing.  Next stop the Gucci-B aka the fancy HEB grocery store for all you non San Antonians.  

Poor picture quality but it’s crowded in here. I’m done taking pictures since I’m already getting funny looks.  You can’t play tunes like this and expect me not to dance 💃🏻