I Missed An Appointment

Bound to happen sooner or later.  I’ve got lists for lists of lists of things to do.  I had written down an appointment but failed to add it to my Outlook.  I live by my calendar in Outlook y’all.  Those reminders are key!  When I got the text, are you ok? I have you at 1:00 today, my brain roils.  What day is it anyway?  How could I forget?  What else have I forgotten?  Am I losing my religion? REM! ❤

Well, I’ve got reasons ahem OR excuses.  None are very good.  I FEEL awful!!!

Worst part is I NEEDED this particular appointment and I had the time available.  Especially since I’ve already hit close to 40 hours this week and I still have all day tomorrow.  A little two hour breather (including travel time) was sorely missed AND just what the doctor ordered. I guess you guys are filling in. Release the hounds! Eeehhh. nevermind.  Bedtime.  Sweet Dreams Angels.

As always, more to come.

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