Monday Morning

Setting: October 16, 2017, 8:40 a.m. Central Standard Time, 29th floor of Tel-Com office building, River Town TX, and Capitol City Jail infirmary, Capitol City TX

Telephone is ringing: Ring, ring, ring

Jenny: Hello, Accounts Payable, Jenny speaking

Dr. AB Ce: Hi Jenny, I am Dr. AB Ce from the Capitol City jail.  Do you know Benjamin Basket?

Jenny (hesitates): Yes

Dr. AB Ce:  He is here with me now.  I have been asked by his attorney to complete an evaluation of his competency.  It sounds like you’re at work.  Is now a good time?

Jenny: I am at work but I have a private place I can go to.  I will make time.

Picks up pen and pad and walks from desk to alcove. Out of body experience.  Talking to a complete stranger, claiming to be a doctor … from the jail.  Wishing this was not real.  Oh but it is … real.  

Dr. AB Ce: Don’t worry, he won’t go to prison.  He was arrested for simple public trespass.  It’s minor. He refused to leave the hospital so the police were called.

Thought bubble: Oh sweet mother of Jesus.  What in the hell did he do this time? Did he hurt someone?  Is Benjy hurt himself? Jenny didn’t get hysterical.  She practiced the anti-anxiety techniques she learned in CBT.  She sat in the awful space and just existed.  Somehow she knew Benjy was a victim.  Not always but in this case.  Then she answered rote questions about their childhood. 

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