Monday Morning

Setting: October 16, 2017, 8:40 a.m. Central Standard Time, 29th floor of Tel-Com office building, River Town TX, and Capitol City Jail infirmary, Capitol City TX

Telephone is ringing: Ring, ring, ring

Jenny: Hello, Accounts Payable, Jenny speaking

Dr. AB Ce: Hi Jenny, I am Dr. AB Ce from the Capitol City jail.  Do you know Benjamin Basket?

Jenny (hesitates): Yes

Dr. AB Ce:  He is here with me now.  I have been asked by his attorney to complete an evaluation of his competency.  It sounds like you‚Äôre at work.  Is now a good time?

Jenny: I am at work but I have a private place I can go to.  I will make time.

Picks up pen and pad and walks from desk to alcove. Out of body experience.  Talking to a complete stranger, claiming to be a doctor ‚Ķ from the jail.  Wishing this was not real.  Oh but it is ‚Ķ real.  

Dr. AB Ce: Don‚Äôt worry, he won‚Äôt go to prison.  He was arrested for simple public trespass.  It‚Äôs minor. He refused to leave the hospital so the police were called.

Thought bubble: Oh sweet mother of Jesus.  What in the hell did he do this time? Did he hurt someone?  Is Benjy hurt himself? Jenny didn‚Äôt get hysterical.  She practiced the anti-anxiety techniques she learned in CBT.  She sat in the awful space and just existed.  Somehow she knew Benjy was a victim.  Not always but in this case.  Then she answered rote questions about their childhood. 

New Category Alert


Conversations is the name

Conversations are all the stories whirling around my brain

Conversations may be fact or fictional

Conversations are my perspective which is my reality …

Your reality is different than mine

And that’s okay

I learned a short story is 1000 words or more.  Under that count the story is sometimes referred to as flash fiction or short-short story.  Not a stutter, short-short story is a thing y’all.  Reach 30,000 words and the short story becomes a novella.  And all this time, I thought I wrote novellas.  Nope.  Instead I am the flash fiction queen.  Flash a-ah.  Savior of the Universe. Flash a-ah.  You save every one of us!

I need some saving most days and I save myself through writing out the venom or releasing the hounds.  Pop! this song comes to mind.

Anyway, if you’re still here after enjoying the mellow sounds of Elton, I will attempt to explain this category simply called conversations.¬† ¬†Here I will write my short-short stories.

My short-short stories are works of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places,events¬†and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a¬†fictitious¬†manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual¬†events¬†is purely¬†coincidental.

#SoCS for 10/21/17 ~ Season

Season. Hmmm, Well let’s see.¬† Well was last week J-Dub.¬† Move along.¬† No dilly dallying today.¬† You’ve got so much to do you can’t see straight.¬† That’s right, you can only see crooked.¬† Haha.¬† Not even funny.¬† Plus you’ve got nothing to do. These people can see right through you.¬† Your mind is racing yet as far as actual things to do, you can pull the plug on any of the fluff.¬† Cut loose whatever is weighing you down. Your mind is on super drive overload making you THINK you’ve got things to do.

Time to stop and smell the seasons. Achoo!  Achoo! Pepper alert.

Noun –¬†a time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature such as Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall or holiday season,¬†hunting season, TV season¬†(it’s a thing y’all), football season – Doh!

Now don’t go and start anything heavy today.¬† NFL is not the prompt.¬† You’ve got no dog in this fight – kneel, stand, FREEDOM¬† but you do you have an opinion.¬† Of course you do! You’ve just decided to keep conversations to face time in “real” life. Good girl!¬† I am super proud of you!!

Verb –¬† Add salt, herbs, spices etc… to food

This is not forming into what I thought – beginning middle end … might go on forever unless I collect myself. Think!¬† What about songs and movies with seasons.

Ugh! Terry Jacks … lame 70s song.¬† Sure we had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. But the wine and the song like the seasons have all gone.¬† Take Terry with you … get outta here … Go on … scram!

The Mean Season was a movie starring Kurt Russell.¬† Hmmm.¬† Loves me The¬†Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes.¬† One¬†of his worst. The Mean Season¬†and not the Disney classic that put him on the map.¬†¬†Ah!¬† Kurt Russell.¬† hubba-hubba.¬† My age appropriate crush … not really.¬† He’s an old man.¬† Too old for me.¬† I’m a spry 52.¬† Lol! But I should be so lucky.

Now Goldie is a lucky girl.¬† Though I have not kept up with the tabloids lately to know if they are still a couple.¬† Overboard was a really cute movie with both of them.¬† I stop to watch when it comes on TNT re-runs.¬† Oh hey, I heard on the radio just yesterday that they are remaking Overboard.¬† Starring Anna Faris.¬† I mean c’mon Hollywood show some originality would ya?

And this Harvey Weinstein problem.  Ugh!  I am quitting now.  And repulsed by him and by where my own mind  has led me.

This ramble was brought to you by a frazzled J-Dub McGillicutty and our fantastic host Linda G. Hill’s #SoCS for 10/21/17. Here are the rules and ping back.

One of these days I know one or two of you will play along.  No this is not like homework.  Much better.  No grades and few rules besides have fun!

Pictures for extra credit:

See what I mean about rules.  The above pics had de nada to do with seasons or seasoning.  I enjoy looking at them and now I am sharing with you.

As always, more to season!