Random Thoughts

As I was walking across the parking lot earlier today, my mind was thinking.  Like usual, never ending, thoughts racing.  They play music you can hear inside the stores.  Duh! But you can also hear the music outside on the sidewalks in front of the stores.  I realized the same song was playing at Hallmark and Bed Bath and Beyond meaning the entire outdoor mall was on the same muzak loop.  Sweet Mother of Pearl!  And the lineup was killer.  I guess not really muzak but rather Top 20 hits from today.  Several times throughout my jaunt I sang out loud and I danced.  Electric Slide you betcha.

I was happy.  Content.  My cell phone was pinging.  My hero said my post was excellent.  A real writer said that.  And another dear soul used the adjective great! I get a rush from writing.  I am carrying around my pen and paper now everywhere I go because I do not want to forget.  Being out and about gave me tons of material. I was observing everything and taking in the scenery.

Lately I have started watching couples.¬† Trying to figure out what makes relationships work.¬† I have come to the conclusion that while looks may spark the initial interest, what keeps people together has to be much more than that.¬† B and I have been married 33 years.¬† We don’t fight.¬† We used to but not in a very long time. We’ve been through some really rough sH!t and instead of breaking, we cleave unto each other.¬† Why the hell did I say cleave?¬† Is that even a word? Yes, Merriam Webster says:





adhere firmly and closely or loyally and unwaveringly

That about sums our relationship up.¬† But we are ordinary.¬† Popcorn.¬† The other night we had microwave popcorn.¬† The single serve bags.¬† Why? Because they’re cute and we’re phat ;).

The conversation went something like this …

B: Even though we just bought it, this popcorn is stale

Me: Yes but only 100 calories so yay us!

B: I wonder if we could make popcorn the way we used to.  Remember?

Me: How could I forget?

Memories galore.¬† I can see myself reaching into the cabinet in the kitchen of our rent house for the skillet and lid.¬† Hot oil.¬† Kernels.¬† Taking turns shaking the pan over the flame for what felt like hours until pop … pop … pop … PopPopPopPopPop !!!!! Then we’d pour real melted butter over it before finally adding salt.¬† No one knew or cared what the calorie count was.¬† It took time to make and that time spent together … priceless.

As always, more to come.


North Star Mall Stepping

After my fun at the Quarry, I rolled over to the mall.  Time was about 11:30.  Not too late as most stores open at 10:00 but the mall itself opens at 9:00-9:30 for the walkers.  Place is a mall walking bonanza.  Usually.

My plan was to go there every Saturday as I am a lonely empty nester lady with nuthin better to do.  This is my second Saturday back since Lulu left.  Best laid plans failed.  I prefer to walk out doors but B scared the crap out of me. He cautioned me to get my consent to carry before embarking on such endeavors as to walk around the San Antonio park system.  I was already a little on edge anyway and watching the news in general makes me think I will never exercise outdoors again. Shame too because I used to love doing so.

At the mall, I was manic.¬† The music helped immensely but I was c’mon molasses loving slow pokes. Imagine going to the mall to meander around and shop.¬† Don’t nobody got time for that!¬† I walked the perimeter three times and each time I went by Saks 5th Avenue, I flipped the bird and said suck Giorgio Armani.¬† Poor Gio, what’s he ever done to bother me?¬† Not a damn thing but his line was featured in the window.¬† And the Saks 5th Avenue shoes.¬† Sweet Mother of Pearl!

Though I did need shoes.¬† You see when you buy shoes only once in a decade, you need to pace yourself.¬† Okay, I exaggerate.¬† Maybe not a decade but I have gone two years without buying shoes.¬† Today I almost loaded up on a pair in every color just to end my dry spell but I hate all the styles.¬† I ended up with a single pair of red Vans.¬† The bottoms are red and black.¬† My OCD no longer allows me to buy shoes with white bottoms.¬† They get dirty too quickly.¬† And you think I am joking?¬† Well, I am … joking … kind of, sort of, not really.


I had narrowed down my choices to the all red Converse and the Vans.¬† The clerk steered me to the Vans.¬† I asked why and he said he just always liked Vans … since he was a kid.¬† Oh how cute!¬† He doesn’t even realize he’s still a kid.¬† Damn, I’m old.¬† Anyhow, I will wear my red Vans almost every Friday until they fall apart.¬† Promise ya, that’s what I’ll do.¬† That’s what I always do.

A SaturDAY in the Life

The Beatles ~

Woke up, fell out of bed, 
Dragged a comb across my head 
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup, 
Looking up I noticed I was late.

I had every intention of leaving the house at 9:30 this morning to go to the Shops at the Quarry.¬† Specific places I planned to visit – Amy’s Hallmark and Bed Bath and Beyond.¬† After those quick errands, I was going to North Star Mall to walk laps until I hit 10,000 steps.

Note to self – do not go to Amy’s Hallmark when you are in a maudlin mood.

Actually I was not maudlin until I got there.  My coffee was not of the Irish variety.  Damn you keepsake memories.  I was a deer in the headlights.  I wanted it all and I wanted none of it.  Oxymoronic.  I left with one small tchotchke for Lulu.

To get my steps in, I walked over to Bed Bath and Beyond.  Those who know the Quarry layout those two stores are close.  To drive and park closer would have been ludicrous.  I have been know to be that silly before but it was early and still cool.

Note to self – do not go to Bed Bath and Beyond … ever

All I needed was a new shower gel cush.¬† I had already planned to window shop and take a few laps to increase my step count.¬†Sweet Mother of Pearl.¬† I was in for sensory overload.¬† They had coasters y’all.¬† I was going to by some.¬† I do not need any but I had to look.¬† Then I passed this little guy and he spoke to me.

Some such nonsense … hey you there … how dare you walk past me … and it was his duty to save the store.¬† Bull hockey Spidey – bug off you bugger.¬† I think I like him better with the sensor over his mouth.¬† Shut your pie hole!¬† lol.

Of course I have to smell all the smelly stuff.

I probably should have bought one or the other of the following¬†cuz¬†my back hurts y’all.¬† And I sit all day.¬† $39.99 for the pain relief butt coaster or $79.99 for the extreme seat cushion.¬† Oh hell no.¬† I’ll make my own.

Oh and what about this … I am on a health kick after all.


Or something from the ever-loving wall of As Seen On TV Crap.

If I had purchased the baseboard buddy, I would have gone on a frenetic cleaning spree.¬† I just know it! Don’t nobody want that.¬† I have too many other compulsions to deal with.

Now for the piece de resistance.¬† See my feature photo would ya?¬† I could have walked 203 more steps but and it’s a big BUTT.¬† It’s the principle of the thing.¬† If I shatter all my records now, I will have nothing to work towards.

Tomorrow is another day folks!




#SoCS October 14, 2017 ~ Well


dot dot dot

This stream could go in so many directions!

Noun Рwishing well, water well.  Waterfalls. Squirrel!!!!

Now all I can hear is TLC!¬†¬†Don’t go chasing in waterfalls¬†Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.¬†I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all. But I think you’re moving too fast …

Adverb – She works well under pressure. Squeal! David Bowie and Queeeeeennnn!!!!

Mm ba ba de 
Um bum ba de 
Um bu bu bum da de 

Did what’s his face Vanilla Ice rip them off?¬† And what’s that got to do with well.¬†

I need to get out of the rabbit hole.

Mm ba ba de 
Um bum ba de 
Um bu bu bum da de 

Oh no, this might take a while.  lol!

Adjective – All’s¬†well that ends well.¬†¬†

Ah yes, the Bard aka Willie Shakes – If he was still around, I’d ask him “now Willie, is it really?”¬† Oh and that rhymes.¬† Anyway … Willie I have to ask you “Do the ends ever really justify the means?”

Well, … closing his eyes, contemplating while shaking his bard-like head.¬† ¬†“May haps yes, map haps no”.¬† How did Shakespeare become Mother Abigibal?¬† Doh!

That¬†philosophical question could be debated for the ages.¬† Bomb a country to save a planet?¬† But that’s deep and today I feel light and surfacey … yes I just made up a word.¬† Surfacey – use it in your own sentence.¬† lol.

Interjection –¬†Well, well, well¬†what have we here?

Or better yet¬†Well, …¬†isn’t that SPE-CIAL?! said in my Dana Carvey as Church Lady Enid Strict voice over voice. That skit used to crack me up.¬† Satire like sarcasm really does it for me.¬† I am so easily amused and so freaking fickle.¬† My views vary widely and I am truly eclectic.¬† I flow just like this stream of consciousness post.

I have a hard time making up my mind because I can clearly see both sides … hell multiple sides.¬† I can pick out the logic from ALL POVs.¬† This ability is what made me a fantastic underwriter (if I do brag about myself).¬† Humble much?¬† no!

In making a risk selection, you take a big hairy mess.¬† You isolate all the facts and throw away the fluff.¬† You analyze what is left and you pick the best of the options remaining.¬† Then follow through.¬† Objectivity is key.¬† Well, isn’t that a novel idea.¬† Get people to be objective AND follow through.

Hmmm!  I am up on my perch again.  Flinching.  Judging.  Wise-a$$ cracking.  Wishing we could all just get along.

Well that’s a pipe dream if I ever heard one.

Well isn’t it about time I go on my merry way.¬† See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya. And I won’t let the door hit me in the a$$ on my way out.

This ramble was brought to you by the racing mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty in response the fabulous Linda G. Hill’s prompt over at Life in Progress.¬† Check out the #SoCS rules and ping back and join us if you’re so inclined. Oh and check out Linda’s the second seat on the right scenes.¬† We are up to #43.¬† Oh so good.¬† Read along … you’ll be glad you did.