For the 2nd day in a row, I’ve come to my perch by the window.  Like a little birdie sitting in my nest.  Enjoying the sun ☀️ 

It’s lunchtime again and I’m trying to read but I can’t.  Not literally of course.  I can read!   I Love ❤️ to read! Though it almost feels like I need to learn how all over again.  

The words are like sand in an hourglass slipping through my mind.  Free falling. Nothing stays.  Forever.  Man what a prospect.  To have something last a lifetime. 

I’m not alone, several folks are in the same boat with me.  Or different boat but in the same sea of churning emotions.   It’s an angst filled world people.  And while my problems may be of the champagne variety, they still suck.  

I’m determined to turn this frown upside down.  Writing this snippet helped.  I think my iceberg of writers’ block is breaking.  And now I’ll play some tunes and get swept away.  

As always more to come.