It’s Time To Talk #worldmentalhealthday

An important message.

Tea and Tales

Today is World Mental Health Day.

When you stop making life about taking care of everyone else and take care of you first.

We don’t talk enough about Mental Illness in this country. There is a stigma attached to those words that people don’t want to stick on themselves. All my life I was told I was just “high-strung”, which may be a southern thing. But I had my first major panic attack when I was a child and a hurricane had deposited a tree down the center of the twin beds in our room. All I remember is being in the closet holding a Barbie and rocking back and forth. A Valium from my mother took care of that.

I got so good at pretending I wasn’t anxious that not many people noticed. I went to school and on to college. Worked in finance for years as the person in charge. It was better for me to be in charge because I had fewer people to…

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