More from Hourglass Time, Memory, Marriage by Dani Shapiro

Yay!  I am not a weirdo.  Okay I am weird but I own my uniqueness so suck it!  LOL!  That was a friendly suck it and you should too – own your uniqueness … no sucking required.  Mind outta the gutter people.  Yet again, not funny J-Dub and don’t quit your day job.


For years now I have been keeping small special notebooks into which I write passages that strike me hard as I read the work of others.  … called commonplace books. ~Dani Shapiro

There is a name for it even!  Squeal!!!! Commonplace books aka my collection of other peoples’ pearls of wisdom.  And sometimes fictional peoples’ enlightenment at that.

Criterion is that the words must pierce me, stop me, so that I can go no further until I write them down. ~ Dani Shapiro

Wowser!  B laughs at me for having my notebook with me when I read.  He will ask if I am reading or writing and I say both!  My take away is that there is a name for my affliction and words mean something.  Alan Watts may disagree and eventually I will get there but right now in this space and time WORDS have meaning and can convey a depth of emotion.

I just had a conversation with Pony ❤ … where I told him to choose his words wisely.  Once they are past the lips, they cannot be recalled.  Take a beat, a breath and then maybe even just listen.  Novel idea that sometimes it is better to stay silent.  My co-worker has this on her instant message tagline: Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. ~ Winston Churchill

Damn straight!  Sage advice from ole Winny or Churchy as I call him ;).   I have always had a thing for nicknames.

As always, more to come.