JDubs Review of Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama by Alison Bechdel

When I saw the title, I thought of the book by PD Eastman with a similar title. A very Dr. Seuss type book.  Of course adding a comic drama after are you my mother? Makes the titles different enough.  I know nothing of copyright infringement but I guess it’s ok.  One day we could run out of original titles.  Hell there’s very little originality these days.  

I read the PD Eastman version to Pony boy over and over again.  I had had my own copy as a kid and I was trying to repeat history. One thing my mother did do for me was read to me.  Every night we had story time right before bed.  

Anyhoo, out of the rabbit hole.  No wait! Let’s hop back in.  

No doubt that mother daughter relationships are complex. This book is very relatable to me for lots of reasons. No my mother was not a repressed actress who settled into an expected life versus one of her choosing. But there were other issues obviously 🙄.  

Their phones call reminded me of my phone calls to mom.  I was always the caller and she was always the callee. Yes I made up that word.  It’s works though.  Boy how I continuously sought her approval.  Not sure she ever gave her approval to me.  She liked me needing her.  She needed me to need her.  How dysfunctional! Yet how repeatable.  Reason why I’m doing CBT.  

The book is a very easy read helped by the pictures. Just like when I was a kid, a picture book was my first love.  I eventually realized that the words were important. But to this day, I love a good illustration.  You know the saying a picture is worth 1000 word? It’s not cliché. 

As with all my reviews, this isn’t a “real” review.  It’s fake aka this is me just rambling. I will say I do highly recommend the book.  It’s a short easy read. With a lot of relationship dynamic.  If your lucky enough to still have your momma in your life, call her.  

4.6 of 5 Stars ✨.