The Daily Prompt ~ Popular

Via The Daily Prompt

I just stumbled onto this … the Daily Prompt.  Where have I been?  In a cave I guess.  Or maybe … just maybe … only the popular kids got the invite.  Yeah, that’s it.  Eeyore – aka lil J-Dub was left out 😦   I am not sure if there are additional rules, I’ll need to read up.  In the meantime, this song popped into my head.  Ariana Grande.  Good message.

Next all I could think of was Regina George.  You bitch!  As bitchy as a fictional character can be that is.  Played flawlessly by one Rachel McAdams.  The video is long … might not care to dally here long.

Then I think, Oh the Notebook!  What a popular movie! Popular as is Nicholas Sparks, the author of the book the movie is based on.  His books are definitely popular with the chick lit crowd. Oh and sir, you ARE a chick lit writer.  (Said in a Maury Povich way ..’ “Nicholas you ARE the father”) Call yourself Mr. love tragedy all you want.

Whew! this feels good.

As always more to come.


I’ve spent the morning in the mud with my furry baby.  Poor Spot hurt his back paw while we were away visiting the baby, baby aka baby girl aka Lulu.  B and I spent the day with our adult daughter.  Weird how the dynamics have changed.  The conversations get me the most.  These days we can talk about anything and everything.  She’s taking political science and philosophy among other things.  Lots of fodder in both those classes.  I will spare you the deets, just suffice it to say I am glad we raised two socially conscious kiddos.  Gives me hope for the future.

Back to the present.  Times like these I wish dogs could talk.  I’d ask him “Spotty dog, what did you do?”  I tried to take a closer look and he yelped, so I stopped.  Sweet lil guy.  He did seem to like me just being there though.  Or maybe that was for me.  And now I am crying all over again.  He hurts, I hurt.  B is all “Jill he’s fine.  You act like he’s dying”.