Sayonara Sink Saga

Sayonara Sink Saga. 

Say that 3 times fast. :).  Or she sells sea shells but the seashore.  But I digress.  This post is not about tongue twisters anyway for I will save those gems for another day.  Memba when I posted about getting a new kitchen sink?  Me either and I cannot find a former post that is sink related even though I was certain I bored you with this already.

After the 2006 unfortunate event finale edition, we replaced our major appliances.  At the time we built the house stainless was just coming into the picture and it cost a whole lot more.  We didn’t spring for the extra then but as we replaced items, we changed the color scheme.  We still didn’t go stainless for two reasons:  1- still costs more and 2- I am a trend setter not a follower.  Lol.  Which is why I also have laminate and not granite countertops.  One might argue I am a cheap bastard and that’s why … and well … you might be right.  But again I detour.  Get on with the story would you?  Talking to yourself J-Dub, good thing you don’t answer. Ah but I do.

Ok, land the plane.  The last thing to upgrade is our sink.  We ordered a Cape Dory by Kohler online from Home Depot and it was too small.  Turns out the specs were inaccurate.  We ordered a Riverby by Kohler and it arrived damaged.  Sacrebleu!  We ordered a Riverby by Kohler and it arrived damaged.  That’s not a typo or a written stutter.  Three is supposed to be the charm but uh noooooo.  Take four – a Riverby by Kohler arrived today and we have success!!!! How many times can one say Riverby by Kohler before it gets annoying??!? 🙂  Four the answer is four.  Lol.

Sayonara sink saga.  Despite the inconvenience, I have to give props to Home Depot.  They took off an extra 10% for our troubles and waived the delivery charge.  Plus 18 months interest free financing.  Saweet!

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