#SoCS for 9/23/2017 ~ A Bunch of Nothing

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends we’re so glad you could attend come inside come inside ~ Karn Evil Number 9 by Emerson Lake and Palmer

In a world so cold … having something to look forward to is nice … can be small … doesn’t have to be huge … maybe a little something like having fun with #SoCS.  Maybe letting your flow roll and not having a care in the world on this fine Saturday morning.  Getting outta bed at the b-crack of dawn on a freaking weekend no less because you can no longer sleep as you woke up and your mind is whirling with thoughts of hot/cold, cold/hot.  Use them in a sentence.  Thanks Linda!  No really I mean it THANKS!  I love this writing exercise.  For everyone reading this, play along why don’t you?  Here are the rules and Ping Back

Hot and/or Cold.  Are you ready?  I’m getting bonus points today!  Wait! Uh no you aren’t.  You already blew it.  You had to start with HOT and end with COLD or Vice versa.  You started with song lyrics. BIZZT – no extra points for you.  Wanh-wanh. Loop hole alert … the above is my INTRODUCTION.  The blog post starts right … now!

HOT – muy caliente.  I am teaching myself a second language.  To be fair, more like I regularly say bits and phrases in a variety of different languages and try to retain what I say for future use.  I wish I knew how to speak another language fluently.  My daddy was multi-lingual.  His native tongue was Czech.  He learned to speak English in first grade at age 7.  He told me once the 3rd language was easy to learn.  He said after the second your mind almost automatically converts words.  He couldn’t explain how but he just knew the words.  Pretty cool huh?

One would be surprised at the resources out there to do this.  Thank you Google mother earth or Google father sun … any way the behemoth that is Google has everything y’all.  Google is the cornucopia of stuff.  Plug in the word to translator … any word and you get the translation and a little button for audio.  Means not only do you see but you hear the word(s) being pronounced.  This is how we become the world.  During our Epcot trip, my inventive kids had a conversation during dinner with the Portuguese family sitting at the communal table with us in a faux Germany beer garten.  At first I was upset … “you’re being rude put those phones away” until I realized they were looking up how do you say …

I guess I have blathered on long enough because this is a bunch of nothing anyway.  Time to bring it home for the win.  Muy frio – COLD.

3 thoughts on “#SoCS for 9/23/2017 ~ A Bunch of Nothing

  1. Great idea about using Google translate if you need a quick way to communicate. I wish I could speak more than one language but have a hard time learning a second one. I have heard Rosetta Stone is good for that. Interesting post with these prompts! 🙂

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