Part 6 ~ Major Decision

National Suicide Prevention LifelineCall 1-800-273-8255. Available 24 hours everyday.

The doctor (we will call him Dr. X) who admitted her was a joke.  I swear he was high on something.  Dilated pupils and the inability to sit still are tell-tale signs.  He spoke rapid fire and only sort of made sense.  All along we thought commitment was voluntary.

Dr. X: What would you like to do?

Outlining options.

Me: Can we wait for my husband?

Dr. X: When will he be here? We really should move this along. Spaces are limited.

Me through tears: Lulu do you want to stay? Do you still want to hurt yourself?

Lulu: I don’t know.  No, I don’t want to hurt myself.  I am scared momma but I can be brave.  I will stay.  Maybe here I will get to finally see somebody who can help me?

I signed her into a 72 hour hold still thinking this was voluntary considering how everything was explained to me.  The paperwork was a novel and I admit I did not retain most of it, the words floating through my brain, not sticking.  I may have signed under duress but that changes nothing.

2 thoughts on “Part 6 ~ Major Decision

  1. How awful that the support you finally found was not helpful. I can imagine signing as well, through tears or pressing them back emotionally. You tried — you really did. You did what you could. Most of us would have done everything the same. There never is going to be a good choice at this point. Hugs.

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    1. I’ll take those hugs 🤗 Took a while for me to believe that I did the best I could. I’ve always been a planner and when time is ticking there was no planning. In hindsight this had to happen to get us where we are now.


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