Unsweet Sweets 

Last week we got a jumbo bag of carrots 🥕.  We didn’t need that many carrots but that’s the only size they had.  Yes jumbo is a new term in produce.  Size right after big and just below ginormous 😆

I know, don’t quit my day job. 

Because my dearly departed parents raised me to waste not want not I had to find a way to use these carrots before they went south. I found a recipe for healthy carrot muffins.  I’ve noticed healthy just means more steps to prepare. 

Shredding carrots was a joy.  Not kidding.  Okay kidding.  Melting coconut oil is so fun.  Not fun.  B comes in and I’m in a swirl of flour. He says “that’s  a lot of work for 12 muffins”. I get him to chop the walnuts for me as I flour the raisins.  Flouring raisins keeps them from sticking.  Who knew?!??

Yummy.  Notice only seven are left.  And there are two of us. One of us ate four and I’m not saying who.  Okay you twisted my arm … it was me.  I guess I defeated the purpose of healthy eating. 

No sugar was used in the making of these muffins.  Unless you count the maple syrup.  No sugar has to count for something.  Uh maybe.  

As always more to come. 


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