Remember in September – Daily Post #15 for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Sharing for awareness.

My Loud Whispers of Hope

I have started to see this more often, which is a huge blessing and is vitally important. It is a good and promising sign that the education and awareness of mental illness is improving and increasing and that prayerfully mental illness stigma and the stigma of suicide is declining. I have hope, faith and I believe.

People need to stop being ashamed of death by suicide. It happens too often and at an increasingly alarming rate. It is real. If we do not talk about suicide and spread the word to educate others about suicide, we will not be able to help reduce and prevent suicide. The suicide rate will continue to rise and it will continue to be shame based, biased and stigmatized.

Mental illness is the only illness that we are blamed for getting, having and blamed for when we do not get better. Two days ago, for…

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