Priceless Gift 

I think this might be the first time in 33 years that we actually worked on our anniversary. More often than not we took the day off.   We didn’t always celebrate big but we’d have breakfast out or something for just the two of us.   

The kids would always be in school so it was almost like paying hooky during the work week.  Except when the day fell on the weekend of course.  And now I’m rambling. Because that is what I do best 😂 

This year things kind of snuck up on us and we both planned to work.  Him in Utopia and me from home so I could use my lunch hour to take the doggies to the vet. Which is exactly what I did.

Anyhow, I wake to the sound of my 6 a.m. alarm.  Imagine my surprise when i realize B is gone. Funny I don’t remember his 4a.m. alarm going off. And He left this morning without saying a word to me.  I think really … pftt and on our anniversary.  Wait, is it our anniversary?  

Oh well, I logged in and started working.  My mood was Wah-wah.  Then at 7:15 my phone rings.  

Me: Hey


Me: Yay!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  I thought you forgot.  

B: Never.  I got you something. 

Me:  Oh goody jewelry 😂

B: Nope, I let you sleep 😴 

Me: Awww. You made my day.  

B: That’s all it takes?

Me:  Yes for you to call me and NOT buy me jewelry.  That’s all it ever took to make my day!

B: I love you.  

Me: I love you too.  See you tonight. 

And with that, I’m realizing how truly blessed I am.  Life is good.  Especially due to the little things which are really the big things 😘

As always more to come.  


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