Part 3 ~ The Calm Before The Storm 

The new school was awesome.  Not perfect as nothing is perfect. But things were much improved. She left a school where not a single teacher knew her by name to a school where her teachers called her by a term of endearment.  

She only “knew” one person having met my coworker’s daughter the week before school started.  Despite these kids being together since they were 4, they welcomed her.  She was one of three newbies.  One of which named L turned out to be her best friend.  

She gained confidence.  She thrived. Volunteering to work after school care for kinder and first grades.  Sleepovers, Girl Scouts, softball, Friday night school dances.  A late bloomer as if life for her had finally started.  

When discussions were had about where to attend high school, she opted to stay in private.   In a twist of fate, many of her classmates left for public school.  Not our district, more affluent north side schools.  We toured several places.  And she found “a place like home”. 

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